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The Power of Character

We meet someone for the first time. After exchanging names, one of the first questions we often ask is ‘what do you do’ or ‘where are you from’.

But how important is that information to setting a strong foundation in a relationship?

Surely, what is most important is ‘who’ the person is, in terms of character and attitude.

Research has shown that first impressions really do last (see )

But how many of us ask think about the ‘who’ as opposed to the ‘what’?

I asked people in my circle to write a personal recommendation for me. This is an excerpt of one:

Christine Kerr is a compassionate, inspiring and zealous individual who operates with excellence in all that she does. Whether it be a small gathering or a large-scale event, she delivers with sincerity and boldness. The ability to give wise counsel whilst quite effortlessly providing direction for others to re-assess themselves is a key skill that she attains. Her natural ability to reflect makes way for her and in turn encourages those around her to realise the importance of reflection.

Christine is a natural-born leader, although the youngest of her siblings she is often called upon to lead and coordinate; a clear display of her ability to communicate to a wide variety of ages and people.

Wisdom, passion and excellence is powerful, however Christine adds value to her character by remaining humble in all things.

I was moved by such heartfelt honesty but I am not complacent – I still have much learning and growing to become all I was created to be.

My character is still being developed and moulded through experiences – both positive and difficult challenges – making mistakes and learning from them.

Character is one of the things in this world which can’t be purchased, accredited by examination or earned by association. It is something special and unique to each individual. Character can be lost but can equally be regained within the individual – whether others choose to see or believe it.

The greatest book ever penned – the Bible – is filled with directions on how to live a life of good character. I found one verse quite interesting in Proverbs 22 verse 1 “A good reputation is more desirable than great wealth, and favorable acceptance
more than silver and gold”

So what legacy will you want to leave – Money? Wealth? A good reputation?

 The next time you meet someone, whether for the first or umpteenth time, stop for a moment and think about their reputation/character. Ask yourself what you really think about the person. Do you think highly of them? What affects how you think about them? If you find faults, is there anything you can say or do to help or encourage them to develop their character?

After that, stop and think about ways others may see you. Are there areas where your character needs to develop? Every day in every situation we have an opportunity to grow in character and BE better than we were yesterday.

Here’s to a great life!


Be the difference you want to see

Formed from the dust of the earth, created and hand sculpted from the rib of a man, life and supernatural creative ability was breathed into humankind.

Our God given genetic DNA continues to flow through every person, activated as we are transformed through faith in the One who sacrificed His life so we could live.

Every breath we breathe has been given to us as a gift to breathe life into the world around us – into our homes/families, our work.

Every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow, be transformed and to breathe something life changing into another person as we decide to make a difference.

It is what challenges us that signals our moment to shine. When it hurts, that pain is a signal telling you it’s time to rise and fulfil your potential.

Look at the tennis player who fights through the gruelling agony of a long match to overcome their opponent. Look at the man who, despite his disability, takes on the arduous task of climbing a mountain, wheelchair intact, facing extreme conditions but refuses to give up.

We were created to overcome.

We were created to shine love where there is hate, shine faith where there is fear, shine hope where there is despair.

You matter to this world.

Go and ‘be’ the difference you want to see – starting today.