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Be the difference you want to see

Formed from the dust of the earth, created and hand sculpted from the rib of a man, life and supernatural creative ability was breathed into humankind.

Our God given genetic DNA continues to flow through every person, activated as we are transformed through faith in the One who sacrificed His life so we could live.

Every breath we breathe has been given to us as a gift to breathe life into the world around us – into our homes/families, our work.

Every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow, be transformed and to breathe something life changing into another person as we decide to make a difference.

It is what challenges us that signals our moment to shine. When it hurts, that pain is a signal telling you it’s time to rise and fulfil your potential.

Look at the tennis player who fights through the gruelling agony of a long match to overcome their opponent. Look at the man who, despite his disability, takes on the arduous task of climbing a mountain, wheelchair intact, facing extreme conditions but refuses to give up.

We were created to overcome.

We were created to shine love where there is hate, shine faith where there is fear, shine hope where there is despair.

You matter to this world.

Go and ‘be’ the difference you want to see – starting today.