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What Are Your Words Worth?

Words give expression to thoughts.  Research shows that people can have 70,000+ thoughts in one day

Research has also shown that a woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000. (Dr. Louann Brizendine, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco – “The Female Brain”)

There are many studies giving variations in these figures. But what is the quality and value of what you say? What are your words-worth?

Try this: If you were to put a price tag on the words you will speak today, how much do you honestly think you could charge… and realistically get paid?

If you were to ask others how much they would pay to listen to you, what would they offer?

Perhaps these are not easy questions to answer, but what I’m suggesting you do is start asking yourself:

Do my words have real value?

What kind of difference will they make to me/others?

Why am I speaking?

Are my words really communicating what I want to get across?

What do I want to get out of this conversation?

Words are powerful and can have long-lasting impact. Words (and thoughts) can increase your life and they can have the opposite effect too!

We aren’t all naturally gifted with incredible vocal skills but we can improve how we communicate – words and body language.

Here are some simple ideas to try:

1. Record yourself for a day. If you can do this, confidentially (outside of work, of course), press the record button on your mobile, clip it your belt and just get on as normal.

2. Listen back to your conversations.

3. Note down any thoughts about your words used in communication.

4. Ask yourself if you would you change anything you said? How well did you communicate?

You have the ability to impact lives and your circumstances every day through the words we speak. Are you speaking life?

It’s time to start doing that…. and then watch and see the doors your words will open in your life.

Have a prosperous and blessed day!


Change Your Life, Achieve Success

Everyday Is a new opportunity to start over and know that you can make a difference in this amazing world. It really does start with you!
Everything you need to achieve the success you dream about is already inside of you.
You carry incredible potential that the world has not yet had the privelege of experiencing.
Your purpose doesn’t start with the job you do – it is who you are, what you carry a passion for and what you have to say that will impact lives and change the world.
Make a decision today to start living on purpose.

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Today is filled with new opportunities to start living, growing, changing, impacting and transforming your world. exploring and encountering new ways of thinking, seeing and doing life.
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